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Alopecia areata treatment | examples of the treatment Alopecia areata treatment | examples of the treatment by alien

Alopecia areata treatment is having so many examples and some of examples of treatment are given below.


This sulfa drug is used to treat a number of anti-immune disorders. It has been known to be effective for those people suffering with alopecia areata and is efficient when treating psoriasis.

Topical sensitizers

To attempt an allergic reaction, these medications are applied to the scalp, which will result in itching, scaling then hair growth. The medication is said to be effective if the new hair is visible in three to twelve months. The safety and consistency of these topical medications are still under review.

Oral cyclosporine

To prevent a person?s immune system from rejecting organ transplants this was initially developed. Although this can lead to problems such as serious infections and an augmented risk of skin cancer, it can be used to stifle the immune system's response in immune related skin conditions. Due to the further difficulties involved in using it as a treatment, although this medication can help hair re-grow in alopecia area, it does not heal the disease and many doctors are hesitant to use it.


To treat psoriasis this is the treatment that is usually used. Psoralen, a light sensitive drug is administered topically or orally before being exposed to an ultraviolet light source. Almost 55% people regain hair using this method, although unfortunately there is a high decline rate. Due to the equipment that is necessary, a patient is required to visit a treatment establishment at least twice or thrice a week. This obviously makes it difficult for some people to attend.

Alternative therapies

When other drug treatments not succeed to assist with their problems associated with hair-growth, some people turn to alternative therapies. Methods such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, zinc, evening primrose oil, Chinese herbs and vitamin supplements have all been known to have changing degrees of success though many of these therapies have not been clinically trailed so their efficiency is unknown. It is also thought that some may even make the hair loss inferior. When thinking about natural therapies to treat hair loss one should always keep in mind that even though these therapies are natural it doesn't always mean they are suitable to be used by everyone. You should always consult treatments with either a medical professional or natural remedies expert before use.

In addition to using the above treatments, there are other methods that can be taken to keep the physical dangers or discomforts to a minimum:

Sunglasses are used to protect the eyes from dust, sun, and debris, especially when the eyebrows and eyelashes are missing.

For exposed areas such as scalp and face sun cream is important. Caps, scarves and wigs can be worn to protect the scalp from the sun and elements.

Antibiotic ointment can be applied to the indoors of the nostrils to protect the nasal region from organisms which can attack the nose when nasal hair is absent.

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