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Why hair loss treatments take time | family gathering Why hair loss treatments take time | family gathering by alien

Without considering how the successfulness of the treatment, you have invested in some hair loss treatment that the FDA has approved. After three months of the treatment you finally decided that is not going to work for you and decide to exit and shave off all your hair to resign yourself to your new bald self elegantly. Your spouse thinks you are acting a bit hasty and for once you could do well by paying attention to what they state, because they may well be right.

Sit down in family gathering

So you sit down in a family gathering and your spouse produces charts, maps, graphs and illustrations to show you why three months isn?t adequate time for the treatment to begin to make a difference. (Well he might just as well go to all this effort, it?s not often he is right, so let him have his moment of glory)

To your horror though his presentation starts just as you shed an enormous clump of hair. And to make things worse he just shouts ?yippee!! I told you it was working?

Although it might seem your husband has lost the plan, he?s right ? sudden peeling of more hair is likely to occur as the drug causes hair follicles to expel existing hairs to allow a new cycle of hair growth to start.

Hair cycles

The reason why hair loss treatments can take that much time show any signs of development is something called hair cycles. The hair follicles on your head go through a cycle of growth, rest and shed, before the follicle starts all over again with a new hair. Two to six years is the growth period and every time a new hair grows it will be thinner, shorter and lighter than the last time. This is the usual order of things. The expelling of the hair follicle and replacing it with a new stronger one is the next stage.

To give a new and strong follicle with some treatments, the resting follicle will be driven out to shed the hair that is already there. So a sudden rupture of lots of hairs simply means your hair follicles are about to begin growing some new hair these take time to prove however.

Growth of the hair

Hair does not grow quickly is a know fact. It grows at an amount of one cm a month or four inches a year. You can observe why it will consume that much time for your hair to be restored to its original glory.

Because of these cycles the first stage of a hair re-growth program will take about six months. The follicles that are sleeping have to be woken back up and have to be remembered to grow new hair. Or they get pushed out and removed to give place to a new follicle.

So if your husband tries to prevent you from shaving your hair because the treatment will work, pay attention to him. And if you have already shaved it off don?t worry.

It?ll grow up back.

Alien writes for Male baldness . He also writes for hair care and skin care tips

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