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So What If They Are Gray So What If They Are Gray by sashi

At times you feel perplexed as to what to do once your gray hair start making their presence felt on your crown. Take Pete. He was quite enigmatic when it came to his crown turning gray. Carrying out a deliberate study to prevent his gray hair from being seen, he opted for dying rather than going for those gray hair treatments which promise much but perform little. A quick course on dying gray hair and Pete is a contended man.

Men color their hair to hide to prevent gray hair from being seen and maintain a younger look. What most of us don?t know is that most gray hair is resistant to hair color. In order for hair color to penetrate into the gray hair, a special additive is added to the hair color formula. Generally if gray hair is shiny it may not let the hair color form its coating over it. Therefore it is important to look for a hair color product that is specifically formulated for coloring gray hair if yours is resistant.

After determining your type of hair you have to identify as to which hair coloring product is best suited for you. There are temporary hair colors available in the market today which last until your next shampoo. Further choices exist between semi-permanent and permanent colors, and you can choose as per your requirement.

A word of caution however; if you choose a shade that is more than one shade darker than your natural hair color it will not wash out in one shampooing.
Do go for an allergy test before getting into any type of hair coloring. Instructions are generally to be found on the cover. If any confusion still persists seek advice from your doctor. Post allergy test, mix the dye as per the instructions enclosed with the product. Always take care to have a correct mix of dye to get the correct color of your hair. Use gloves to prevent itching in your hands later. Apply petroleum jelly around your hairline and cover with cotton balls to prevent any excess dye from getting on your skin.

With the help of a comb with broad teeth, apply the hair color in the roots and then work upwards. Be sure to work in small sections of your hair completely saturating every strand. Use a plastic cap to keep the hair in place.

After you have finished applying the color, leave it for 25-40 minutes to let the hair color form a coating on the gray hair. Remember the more time the dye is in your hair, the darker the color. Also, keeping the dye for longer duration than what is recommended by the products can also damage your hair.

Wash off the extra dye and apply a good hair conditioner to give your hair the new look. Finally, dry your hair either naturally by indirect sunlight or use a towel for the same. If you are in a hurry, use a hair dryer, but only indirectly. Style your hair thereafter as per your choice and liking. Select a shampoo which is suited to your hair color for future use.

Always have an eye on your hair color and the period that it normally stays before dying out. You should color your hair as per this period to avoid your gray hair from being seen. Hide your gray hair from being seen by dying and maintain a younger look ever after.

The author is an expert in various hair loss treatments. He performs laser hair removal techniques for removing unwanted hair and also cures regular problems like dandruff, alopecia, baldness.

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